Speculative Leaps

Speculative Leaps
Photo by Johannes Plenio / Unsplash

A Baby

In the quiet of 3 AM, Dad's tender voice soothes,

"Everything will be fine, just sleep, little one,"

Rocking up and down, side to side,

While Mom yearns for just a few more minutes

Before dawn demands her wake.

Look at that handsome, smiley boy;

With a grin that lights up each morning,

So full of joy, so dear to our hearts,

In the kitchen at 5 AM—

Oh, it's just cold rice again!

He won't starve, laughter fills the air.

A Boy

He's a curious soul, playing with insects, frogs,

And microscopes,

Returning home with a day's adventure

Painted in fruit punch and broken clothes.

"Build a robot," he dreams, and we dive into creation,

Turning workshops into wonder,

Securing a spot in memory that will never fade.

Professor "Calle" once guided me,

Now it's my turn to steer,

Not by looks or peers,

But by the fruits of choices clear.

He walks the path of siblings past,

A journey of growth, of identities cast.

A Young Man

Now at university with scattered grades,

Choices weigh heavy on my young son again.

In races and efforts, pride blooms,

Even champions once stumbled in their rooms.

We started a venture, time found and lost,

Growing together, no matter the cost.

A Family Man

"Dad, about that girl..."

Awkward silences fill the space of unsaid words.

He's found someone special, perhaps a journey anew,

Wedding bells ring, a life's path to pursue.

As a father, now a friend, we stand side by side,

Preparing for whatever tides may arrive.

A Grandpa

A grandparent now, facing life's twilights and dawns,

Cherishing moments, though the world carries on.

Prayers rise for a new little life, fragile and small,

Celebrating victories, when against odds, he stands tall.

Leaving, returning, the cycle of life,

Familial bonds, through joy and strife.

A New Home

Now I'm ready, my family around,

Thankful for every moment, every sound.

As my journey shifts, from here to beyond,

I find peace in the divine bond.

Though not with them, I'm never alone,

In celestial peace, I've found my new home.

My Voice

Dad. "He was so young they said,"

I always thought of you as an old friend.

I might not capture all your thoughts,

I should have asked when I had a chance,

But in the morning's light, we'll talk.

Good night, until we meet again,

In dreams or dawn's gentle and fierce,

Godly man.