Craftsman & Wooden Furniture Designer

Craftsman & Wooden Furniture Designer
Photo by Matt Artz / Unsplash

I was lucky enough to have a father and a mother that taught me how to work with my hands, transferring creative and abstract designs from paper to authentic aesthetic pieces.

After almost a decade of managing a furniture studio and small production shop, I am now rediscovering the joy of fine furniture from a garage shop with limited tools and space, like most mere mortal woodworkers. It is not usual, but I still take on commission work a couple of times a year which will keep my skills sharp and bring new challenges.

JEFH Woodshop

I co-founded JEFH Woodshop with my brother José. We ran it for over seven years, growing from a small garage shop into a full-fledged furniture studio until we officially sold the shop in 2022. Currently, JEFH Woodshop is a side project, and we just take limited commission-based projects. You can follow more on our website.

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