Angels on Fire, It's Too Late Dad, and Piemonte, Italy | Detox No. 2

We embark on a captivating exploration of parenthood's delicate dance. A cosmic quest to envision angels with sculptor Ed Elliott. NASA's Astronomic Picture of The Day, featuring a photographer's six-year odyssey.

Angels on Fire, It's Too Late Dad,  and Piemonte, Italy | Detox No. 2
Made by Ed Elliott.

In this week's escapade into the world of wonders, I stumbled upon three jewels that beckon the soul to pause and revel in the splendor of life's quirks. We embark on a captivating exploration of parenthood's delicate dance, where love, work, and the pursuit of providing intersect. Join the quest to envision angels with the masterful sculptor Ed Elliott, whose celestial creations redefine the traditional perspective. Finally, witness the grand finale with NASA's Astronomic Picture of The Day, featuring a photographer's six-year odyssey capturing a rare triple alignment in Piemonte, Italy.

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green and blue sky over lake
Rainbow Aurora over Icelandic Waterfall Image Credit & Copyright: Stefano Pellegrini Source:
I genuinely hope you find this edition more enjoyable than the last. As I strive to improve as a writer and content curator, I'm refining my focus from five to just three categories. I'm infusing a more personal touch into my reflections on these gems and keeping the same focus as always—family, craftsmanship, and culture.

1) Family: @Stoic_Father Not Now Son, Not NOW Dad.

We kick off with a heartwarming contemplation on the delicate art of steering our parental priorities straight—a dance of love, work, and the pressing desire to be providers.

Now, let's not fool ourselves; putting the phone down is a commendable start, but the journey into the hallowed realms of parenthood is as complex as a Rubik's Cube on an espresso overdose. As providers, we find ourselves tiptoeing on the fine line between deadlines and diaper duty. There's a limited amount of time we can lavish on our loved ones, and only a select few truly grasp the richness of those fleeting moments. When your little one comes a-knockin', showing you a masterpiece made of macaroni or sharing an anecdote from the playground, the unwritten rule should be clear: Be there, not buried in the avalanche of emails or the anxiety-inducing Excel sheets. Those tasks are vital, no doubt, but that tiny human in front of you might very well be the last face you see as you exhale your final breath. Are we, you and I, creating a legacy of laughter and love that stands the test of time?

If you are not on social media, or even if you are, I recommend you join Stoic Father Newsletter . I have been having a blast reading some of his editions.


2) Craftsmanship: @edelliottsculpture Ed Elliott, The Angel Artist & Sculptor.

Now, close your eyes and ponder the celestial beings that populate the universe. I, for one, have been on a cosmic quest to envision what angels might look like. Enter Ed Elliott, the maestro who's been carving out large-scale divine creatures. These angels, my friend, are not your run-of-the-mill cherubs or cupidos—no, no. They're imposing, magnificent creations that make you rethink your mental image of heavenly beings. I've followed Ed's artistic journey for quite some time, drawn to the way he wields a chainsaw like a cosmic paintbrush, crafting celestial wonders that would make Michelangelo raise an impressed eyebrow.

Now, chainsaw sculptures are as abundant as coffee shops in Portland, but there's an abyss between crafting something merely amazing and birthing an original masterpiece. I can whip up some beautiful furniture, sure, but let's not confuse that with artistic originality; I am not original—at least not yet. A friend of mine, a sculpting sorcerer, Steven, whose skills are awe-inspiring, introduced me to the intricacies of sculpting with a chainsaw, a dance that eventually led me to find Ed Elliott's work and connect with it on a profound level.

Ed, a talented British sculptor and artist, has managed to traverse the gap, injecting a dose of originality into his creations. His angels, in my humble opinion, are the closest thing to celestial creatures walking (or floating) amongst us. Take a gander at his ethereal wonders below, and if you feel a shiver down your spine or a sense of awe washing over you, you're right where you need to be. Remember, Zechariah was troubled and Mary was told not to be afraid—Ed, my friends, might just be onto something with his divine depictions.

I recommend visiting Ed's Website or his Instagram to check his work.

No.10 in the 'Angel series' available as a very Limited Edition bronze cast. | Designed to sit within a 10ft circle of floor space.. 2018. Plaster for bronze. Approx 4ft crouching supporting a 14ft wingspan.

3) Culture/Nature: @JamesLucasIT shares a photo of Valerio Minato, who won NASA photo of the day. (It looks like a Pacman!)

And now, dear reader, for the grand finale—the pièce de résistance in this curated cavalcade of curiosities: NASA's Astronomic Picture of (Christmas ) Day. Can you believe such a marvel exists? Well, buckle up because this interstellar joyride dates back to January 1, 2015, showcasing a daily dose of astronomical brilliance by NASA. Thanks to my Italian curator James Lucas on "X" (formerly known as Twitter), I stumbled upon a visual feast by Valerio Minato that claimed victory on Christmas day, December 25, 2023.

Imagine this: a photographer's quest spanning six years, an astronomical triple alignment in Piemonte, Italy, featuring the Basilica of Superga, Monviso mountain, and the Moon, all choreographed against a canvas of clear skies. The photographer, like a cosmic paparazzo, captured the perfect moment, fulfilling a dream nurtured over half a dozen years. The shot's exposure was long enough to reflect earthlight despite the crescent moon, a celestial encore that defied the odds and painted the night with a stroke of pure magic.

Valerio Minato PH | fotografo Torino | Piemonte
Valerio Minato PH fotografo paessaggi Fotografo Torino Dintorni di Torino Street Torino Superga, Tram di Torino, Venezia Parigi Langhe e Monferrato Monviso Islanda Sacra di San Michele Natura

Website of the Photographer Valerio Minato

Astronomy Picture of the Day
A different astronomy and space science related image is featured each day, along with a brief explanation.

This is the original source I found. NASA shares every day an Astronomy Picture.

In a not-so-artistic comment, I see a huge PAC-MAN eating the building.
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