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Most of my original articles get shared on The Shaggy Report series, but I also share a specific weekly email called "Detox," where I sift through the online clutter and find valuable content from social media, newsletters, and blogs. Giving you short and valuable reflections, so you do not need to waste time online in endless scrolling. You get reflections on three gems focusing on family, craftsmanship, entrepreneurship, or culture.

Bid farewell to endless scrolling – your curated gems will arrive straight to your inbox, offering a delightful break from social media and online chaos. Elevate your digital experience and be the star of your next family dinner. You're not just subscribing; you're investing in a mindful escape. Welcome to a world of curated excellence!

What includes?

  • Save time and enjoy curated online and social media gems without the hassle of scrolling through endless feeds - straight to your inbox!
  • One gem for three of these categories: Family, Craftsmanship, Entrepreneurship, or Culture.
  • From thought-provoking conversations to laugh-out-loud moments, you'll be the star of your next family dinner with these amazing topics.
  • Elevate your digital experience, you're welcome!